MooseCross A Cyclocross Festival

October 11th and 12th 2014

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Post Race Party

Come for the race, stay for the party.

MooseCross post race party at wildlife brewing and pizza in downtown Victor! All racers get a free beer. Mens + Womens pro awards podium. Raffle prizes.

Moose Cameo

Getting all the prizes together tonight.

Thanks to a very special helper for making sure everyone got some booty!


This year we’ve teamed up with Doma coffee to create the MooseCross blend.  Rumor has it one cup of MooseCross joe and you’ll be running the stairs at work, hurdling office chairs like barriers, and inexplicably start speaking Flemish. Get your very own free bag of MooseCross coffee when you pick up your bib.

Free Sunday Waffle Bar

Coming to MooseCross is a no brainer, but in case you are waffling…….our free Sunday waffle bar should tip the scales.  You come, race, and have fun and let us do the waffling for you!

New Feature…..Hills

MooseCross Featured in Cyclocross Mag!

MooseCross is very honored to be featured in issue 18 of Cyclocross Magazine. Our moms all have the article on the fridge.

2013 Poster

And if you don’t belive us…

Rolling Thunder which takes place in Missoula, MT one week after MooseCross is one of the regions biggest races.  I mean they even have a wikipedia entry!  Here’s what rolling thunder has to say about MooseCross;

“Our mountain friends are doing it once again….MOOSE CROSS.  Brew, top notch cx, and local vibe!
Moose Cross and Rolling Thunder are cut from the same cloth, and this year it can’t be laid out any better.  Back to back weekends of Rocky Mountain Cross Action!”

MooseCross Tattoos!

Even though bike racers have small arms, we think these MooseCross tattoos will add inches to your biceps



Cool Photos

Check out these cool photos taken by Tony Jewell.

They can be viewed/purchased on his web site

And if you don’t believe us…

Check out Sam Krieg’s blog post about MooseCross.  Sam just won 2012 masters road nationals! well done.


“So this coming weekend is MOOSE CROSS. I suggest that most local promoters take a TRIP to VICTOR and learn how real MEN and WOMAN put on a cross race. This is not some local junk show where they take your cash and give you nothing.
This is one of the best cross races of the entire season. This year I have heard rumors that the course will have a real beer garden.  “ed note: confirmed”
They have moved the course to go right next to the LOCAL Brewery. The BEER will be so fresh you will feel like you are in BELGIUM. I remember a few years ago they had a KEG tossing contest after the CX race.
I know the Victor crew has put in a ton of hard work to make this event a “don’t miss” event. Last year it was one of the funnest weekends I had racing all season!
The VICTOR CREW takes cycloross to a totally NEW LEVEL. The course is sick. They have built every turn by hand. I am not kidding. They have a permanent cross course. They have a rad DIRT park with HUGE jumps for you to ride after the race.
They have a real AWARDS CEREMONY…. Last year they showed a MOVIE and had a LOG PODIUM in an old theatre in down town Victor.
The PRIZES were some of the best I have ever seen.
The MAYOR…. of VICTOR is a cross racer and also owns the local bike shop in Jackson. His last name is FITZGERALD…. I am not kidding.
This is not your normal cross race. This is a race worth every mile of the drive.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Moose Cross this coming weekend

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