MooseCross 2008


After eight very successful years (read the review on church of the big ring) we are back at it for our NINTH year.  MooseCross is a two day cyclocross festival featuring;

  • 2 days of racing on cool courses
  • A weekend with soul
  • Post race kicking party

tetons cross

This is again going to be the hottest cyclocross race this side of Europe right here in Victor, Idaho. Victor you ask? Yep, neighbor to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and nestled in the Tetons, makes us the perfect place to host cross.  Did we mention how incredible the Tetons are in the fall?


We are making this a killer event. Crazed cyclocross announcers, spectators ringing cowbells (some limited edition moosecross cowbells will be handed out at the race, but you might want to BYOB –bring your own bell), and heck we are even printing up custom course marking tape! It will be like you are racing in Europe.

lotoja 149 - Copy

Never raced cross? No big deal, mountain bikes are perfect and remember Fun is the official “F” word @ Moosecross. The city helped build us a short track (1.2 miles) it has fun features like whoop-de-dos, banked turns, as well as bike path and dirt straightaways. You’ll love it. There are race categories from “never ever” to pro, even a U12 division.  And while we would love to have you for both days, you could only race one….but that’s a crazy idea.  Take it seriously and race hard, or dress up in costume….…time to dig out that chicken suit that’s just sitting in your closet. This event is not to be missed.


See you October 15th and 16th 2016!

MooseCross is run under the non-profit Mountain Bike the Tetons.  We do not profit from this event.  Our goal is to make cross racing fun, and accessible, and affordable .  All proceeds go back into putting on more cross races and working on our sic new bike park.

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